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Previously, patients could select multiple agencies at a time on Home Health Compare to view agency performance on individual items, such as how often the home health team delivered care in a professional way.

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The new star rating go a step further, CMS said. Patients and their family members can compare information on patient experiences by viewing five survey star ratings for each home health agency. The five measures include: care of patients; communication between providers and patients; specific care issues; overall rating of care provided by the home health agency; and a survey summary star rating.

Some home health agencies do not currently have enough data to calculate and display star ratings. However, CMS continually updates Home Health Compare so that these home health agencies may have star ratings in the future. The initiative supports the larger effort across the Department of Health and Human Services to build a healthcare system of better care at a lower spend, resulting in healthier people.

Lower Sacramento Rd. Broadway, Ste. Of Indian River County, Inc. Glen Oak Ave. Franklin St.


Health Care Inc. Crown St. Church St.

Jasmine Ave. Clear Rd. Interstate 10 Ste. Skip to main content. Hospitals fight DSH payment cuts. Revenue Cycle Management. Rev cycle, billing improvements boost collections. Strategic Planning. One-third of healthcare employees lack cybersecurity training. Capital Finance. Higher social spending linked to higher healthcare spending. Supply Chain. It was he who asked a doctor to perform an autopsy at the graveyard, and he who elected to be elsewhere during the ritual. Perhaps it was wise to let them have their way, since George Brown, apparently not prone to tuberculosis, had to coexist with his neighbors well into the next century.

He died in Relatives of the Browns still live in Exeter and are laid to rest on Chestnut Hill. Some, planning ahead, have erected their grave markers. They bring, swaddled in old sheets, a family treasure: a quilt that Lena sewed. We spread it out on a scarred wooden table. The cotton bedspread is pink, blue and cream.

What look from a distance like large patches of plain brown fabric are really fields of tiny daisies. She is said to frequent a certain bridge, manifested as the smell of roses. She murmurs in the cemetery, say those who leave tape recorders there to capture her voice.

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The quilt pattern that Lena used, very rare in Rhode Island, is sometimes called the Wandering Foot, and it carried a superstition of its own: Anybody who slept under it, the legend said, would be lost to her family, doomed to wander. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology.

Los Angeles Times: Few Clues, Fewer Answers (Christina Burmeister)

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The Case against Antitrust Law

Most canines, including these adorable wolf pups, are social animals with brains that have evolved for that purpose. This is why dogs are, on the whole, smarter than some solitary animals. Comment on this Story. Last Name. First Name. Address 1. Address 2. Enter your email address. Farms were abandoned, many of them later to be seized and burned by the government.

And tuberculosis was harrying the remaining families. By the s, when the scares were at their height, the disease was the leading cause of mortality throughout the Northeast, responsible for almost a quarter of all deaths.