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What happens after her application was awe inspiring and cute. To do he is turned into a dinosaur via a process similar to 3D printing. I loved the science fiction feel of the story and finding out the process was exciting. The ending surprised me and was a twist I was not ready for. V Cory Cone This story is told from an exterminators point of view, but not your average exterminator.

This is told from the point of view of who I imagined as a male character and his team going to handle an infestation of raptors.

Preschool Dinosaurs Books, Rhymes, and Songs | KidsSoup

It was a quick and gruesome story, I actually imagined a much worse ending and would recommend this quick read. W Hal J. They refuse to create cures when there is no profit, and now that the zoo exhibit is not sustainable they look to get rid of it. Lisa looks for a way to fight back, one way or another. A new and interesting read, I liked the cynicism of our hunt to become perfect and have perfect children.

X BD Wilson Victor works at the Institute in an underground facility and their goal is to make people healthier and give them a better life. Reading through this book felt like a cult and I instantly had goosebumps. When everything is perfect in society, there is usually a deep dark secret that no one wants to share. I was glad to have a longer read and the story really drew me in.

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Y Andrew Bourelle This story is told from a barkeeps point of view, he also happens to be involved in illegal activity. He sells dope on the sly and his waitress is his sisters supplier. I really liked the romantic interest being thrown in, it wa something new and exciting.

The crime drama also enveloped me and I enjoyed the read. I would totally recommend this read for its length and just how much is incorporated genre wise. Once at the temple more secrets are revealed and the objective becomes to find out if there is a lost species of dinosaurs. The final suspenseful read in this anthology. This is another one of my favorite reads. Mar 11, Laura Furuta rated it it was amazing. They range from the searching for elusive myths that are handed down through the years to the outreaches of space.

I found each storyline entertaining and the characters well-written.

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I highly suggest you grab your copy and settle in for the afternoon. Some of the stories do have adult language and themes. It is recommended for a mature audience.

Preschool Dinosaurs Books, Rhymes, and Songs

A is for Angry by Michael M. Jones Tanith Murry is very angry. With no close friends, she turns inward to her dino-self, Dinah. Then she meets Daisy. Has she finally found a friend?

55 Funky Facts About Dinosaurs

B is for Bronteaurus by Simon Kewin Bronte is being picked on by bullies. She decides she has had enough and decides to get revenge. Will she go through with her plan? C is for Catechism by Brittany Warman This is a story about being small however feeling large in spirit. Remembering those before you and learning how to be strong. D is for Duel by C. MacCath Alejandra has come to challenge The Speaker to a duel. What happens next is a battle of wits and blood. Who will win? E is for Exposure by Gary B. Phillips Meet a photographer who has a special inspiration behind his acceptance of rare photo shoot. F is for Females of the Species by L. Johnson This is the tale of a man on the search of a myth. He is a cruel man to his wife and makes her come along on the search.

Will this search be successful or will there be a price for their quest? Willis This is a story about conflict and sacrifice.

How far would you go to protect those that you love? H is for Herpetomorph by Megan Engelhardt This is the tale of travelers who never stay in one place for long. They sometimes walk and sometimes swim. They long to hear a song and keep looking for paradise. How long will their search continue for? I is for Invasion by Michael Fosburg This is the story of a man who travels through a world that is a shell of what it was. He is on a quest to save his sister. Will his mission succeed and what will his find once his destination is reached?

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The ship she is traveling on has been delayed and she needs to find a new plan as the cargo is live. K is for Kraken by Pete Aldin Two sailors stranded at sea. Both in some way responsible for their situation. A ship is spotted. What story will these two give for their situation? L is for Luminous by Alexandra Seidel Corvy trips over a fossilized rock that glows. Her mother decides to collect the sample for further study. What power might this rock have and how will it affect those around it?

M is for Mentation by Michael B. Tager A young boy is introduced to different versions of himself in this story about time travel. What future will he choose for himself? Her father keeps her locked up and away from the world.