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Indeed, the only way you can spot where one robin's estate ends and the other begins is by watching them.

About birds and birding in Southeast Wyoming

In other words, the same two birds may fare very differently in a grudge-match, depending on whether they are playing at home or away. But that does not stop robins trespassing as soon as their neighbour's back is turned. Stolen fruit, evidently, is the sweetest. Indeed, sometimes these territorial disputes can take on an almost absurd rivalry. Lack tells a wonderful story of two male robins that hitched a lift on a fishing boat in the s. Migrating birds often stop for a rest on ships, though usually only for a few hours.

The funnel, evidently, was their boundary line. Robins are not as faithful as swans and establish their pairs not long after Christmas. They are not as faithful as swans, which really do seem to mate for life, but by perching-bird standards they are pretty exemplary and stick with their betrothed throughout the breeding season.

They establish their pairs not long after Christmas, well before breeding begins. The males sit in their home ranges and sing, at top voice, and the local females weigh up the talent and if any of them takes their fancy they give up their own independence and move in with him. As is the general rule in birds, the male struts his stuff, but it's the female who makes the decisions an arrangement that may be familiar in many human households, too.

Just as in our own society, the mating bond, once established, is not always castiron; sometimes females try their luck elsewhere and the occasional male is bigamous with neither wife knowing of the other's existence. But monogamy with reasonable faithfulness is the robin rule. The marriage, once agreed, is not demonstrative. The male sings only softly when the pair finally get round to mating, but he is very much the modern man when it comes to taking his share of the childcare. Marriage, with robins, is a working partnership: all very down-to-earth and matterof-fact.

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If another pair should enter their territory as sometimes happens then they fight the invaders off as a team. But when the breeding is over, all notion of sentimental attachment goes out of the proverbial window and the female is booted out of the male's territory with as much aggression as he would show to any other robin.

The robin is a 'serial monogamist' and will often pair with the same mating partner year after year. Should we judge them? Of course not. But of course they are not free. For robins, this means being tough little pragmatists who fight their corner when they need to. They may choose to keep us company from time to time, but they are still wild at heart. Could it still happen? Posted by cbishop posts - 9 years, 2 months ago - Show Bio. Blog Forum Red Robin Back Next That might sound crazy to a lot of people, but it almost happened, and may happen still. Here's what was going on at the time: Tim was proving himself to be quite the detective.

Being "Evented Out". New Batman Family, The. Full Blog Index. Thanks for reading! Ted Kord was his favorite superhero.

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I'm perfectly happy with Jaime as Blue Beetle, thank you very much. Mister Sarcastic: See I don't follow movie news, very much although a little more, since joining CV a couple weeks ago. I prefer to be surprised when I see it in previews at the theater, or in ads on TV. I inevitably hear about them beforehand anyway, but I don't actively go seeking the news. All that to say: I had no idea about the live action BB.

Gotta say: I think that's a horrible idea. I just don't see it looking good. A cartoon would be okay.

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  6. I like the Jaime character, but I just don't think he needed to be named Blue Beetle I won't go any further than that right now. I do realize that DC is not going to mess with their Bat-characters, and for some reason, they just can't bring themselves to connect Ted's Beetle to the Bat-Family. I think it's a shame, but that's because I'm such a huge fan of that Blue Beetle. But HEY, Bruce is clawing his way back through time, and though it's been left to question, no one really thinks that Bruce is going to step aside and let Dick carry on as Batman. Bruce IS going to be Batman again.

    So Dick's going to need a new identity. As for Kord Industries being part of the , I've been out of the Teen Titans loop for about a year-and-a-half to two years. I missed 61, and am not even sure what the is. I'll have to look it up and get caught up. Thanks for the comment. Mostly, it's that I was around to read the Blue Beetle title, when it was new, and I just love that character.

    Tim Drake was almost Blue Beetle. Could it still happen? - Red Robin - Comic Vine

    I'm fine with the Jaime character, but he didn't need to be connected to Blue Beetle. His origin required a total retcon of the Blue Beetle history, and totally changed what the scarab is. There's things he could have been named, other than Blue Beetle. Tank, Construct, Weapon, Metalmorph yes, "metal," not "meta" - it's wordplay , anything but Blue Beetle! Jaime could have been named anything else, and still been the same great character that he is.

    Ted Kord had that great Bugship, and that's just in mothballs now. So are his villains. What a waste of great visuals and a great character. Thanks for your comment. The only thing changed was the nature of the scarab, which really wasn't much of a point to Ted, and even then it was more of filling in the blanks than actually retconning.

    The only thing they've changed was that the scarab was not originally magical, and, again, correct me if I'm wrong, but we never really got to see the scarab's origins in the original stuff anyway. Jaime is a fun character. His supporting characters are fun, and his book from start to finish was a celebration of Ted Kord and his tactics and lines of thought. They even used the bugship on a number of occasions, and Jaime considers Ted a role model. They also used a couple of Ted and Dan's old villains and would likely have used more of them have people just given them a chance and not had their book canceled.

    Sorry, but I don't see why Jaime is any worse a choice than characters who, apart from general acquaintance and a shoe horned adoration, had no actual ties to Ted. I'm happy they said no to Dixon. And I'm happy they said yes to Giffen.

    American robin

    And I hope Jaime stays around for a long time. AtPhantom: The scarab is exactly what I'm talking about. It was originally mystical - it allowed Dan Garret to become Blue Beetle by saying a magic word. Back then, that was all the explanation needed.

    American robin

    If he said his magic word and was mystically decked out in some kind of armor, then I think they could make the leap that it was really an alien device like the one Jaime's got bonded to his spine. In the Ted Kord series, they changed it to the scarab being some kind of egg for an alien entity - I didn't buy that either.

    Tim's adoration of Blue Beetle may have been "shoehorned" to accomodate the plan to make him the next Blue Beetle, but at least it would have been a logical progression. With Jaime's armor, they had to change the very nature of the scarab to connect him to Blue Beetle. Talk about "shoehorned! Jaime is a fun character, but everything about his connection to Blue Beetle is "shoehorned.