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Our job was to help people recover large computer systems that were in real trouble. It was high pressure work and not everyone could handle the customers who were themselves under incredible stress. A big part of the role was simply human psychology, empathizing with the customer and helping to make sure they knew you had their best interests at heart. It was really more managing the people than actually working to repair and troubleshoot the databases.

A natural side effect of learning how to help reassure people in a crisis is an insight into how one could hurt people. Have any experiences, personal quirks, or people you know worked themselves into your writing? If so, how and where? There is a lot of me in the characters, especially when it comes to the pragmatic nature of several of them, but I did not really draw from any other people.

As a kid, I spent a fair amount of time gaming with my friends and that has lent me the ability to quickly imagine another person, craft some personality traits, and put on a different hat to play that part. So, in book three, look for Stephenie and others to spend some time on horseback, and Dollar to be along for the journey. When not writing, what do you like to do with your free time? However, the primary activities I keep up with include:. Though we lack any mountains to make it challenging, I try to spend time on a couple local trails.

It is excellent time for working out specific plot details in my head.

This year I have two different vacations planned, both of them involve a week of hiking with my wife. One will be in North Carolina, and the other will be on the west coast. I often mix photography in with the hiking. Ebooks and Manuals

My wife and I are generally landscape photographers who want trees and mountains in almost every shot, though I do like shooting soft water. I also try to keep fit at the gym, but that unfortunately slips from time to time. And of course, I read a lot of novels when I can. Though lately that has also been hit and miss. I always feel guilty reading something else when I can be working on my own novels.

PDF Suburban Task Force 2 ‘On Vacation’ A Jade Lydell Novella

But sometimes I just have to take a day or so of solid reading and knock out a book simply for the joy of it. I will let the title imply what it will. As I have already alluded to, Stephenie and others will be going on another road trip, this time using horses. She will learn more about herself and continue to grow as a person.

Regarding the release date, the first two books have released in the first quarter of the year. I am am aiming to move that up some, but a lot of things have to come together with the proper timing to make that happen. I will definitely keep everyone posted about when to expect book 3 on my website as things get closer.

Thaddeus Nowak is a writer of fantasy novels who enjoys hiking, photography, and the outdoors. Mar Today we have a treat for you. Ebooks and Manuals

You will get to hear Jason making fun of the fact that I am from the South. Go at him. Be My Guest! If you can stop laughing at him long enough that is. She never ceases to surprise me.

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Her favorite quote in the book was actually mine as well. Please let them know what you think about the interviews in the comments below. - Google Документи

Ask them questions if you like. Jan Then read on to learn how you can win huge prizes as part of this blog tour, including special romantic swag baskets for each book, an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire, Nook Color, and Kobo eReader, and Amazon and iTunes gift cards! You create characters beautifully and are an absolute master of plot twists. It seems like you could write in almost any genre and do a bang-up job of it. What made you decide to devote your efforts to the romance genre in particular?

Thank you so much for the compliments!

How did the idea for this interconnected contemporary romance series first come to you? What was your inspiration?


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It seemed like a natural fit to combine the funny and sweet family dynamics into an overarching series of sexy contemporary romances with the alpha heroes that I love so much. Everyone seems to have a favorite Sullivan. Now I know this is like asking you to choose between your own children, but who is your favorite?

She loves to read and is a librarian and when she wants something in her case: bad boy Jake McCann , she goes for it! In your opinion, what ingredients are needed to make up a good love story? Is life the same as fiction in this respect? Why or why not? I love to love my characters and when I write a story I need two heroic, nice, good people and why not gorgeous, too?! How has your own love story with your husband informed the Sullivan series?

Are there any scenes that are directly taken from your own life? I have the best husband in the entire world. Sweet, loving, sensitive…and super hot! With that said, none of the scenes are ever taken directly from my own life. I have a very active imagination. Ohhhh, now THAT is a fun fantasy! Then again, Zach Sullivan is such a great combination of cocky and sweet. And Ryan Sullivan has all those muscles. And Gabe is such a hero as a firefighter and I love his dirty talking between the sheets. And Chase is so sexy and protective.

See, what did I tell you earlier? The Sullivans and their beaux have some pretty interesting careers. From photographers and sculptors to professional actors, musicians and ball players all the way to firefighters, librarians and business owners, they lead very exciting lives! What type of research did you have to do to capture these jobs so well?

Do you have any interesting research anecdotes to share? For books where I need inspiration, the internet has been amazing and when needed, I also call on the help of professionals.