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  1. The Kick Acid Diet by Alwyn Wong | | Booktopia
  2. The Kick Acid Diet
  3. Life & Style – Diets That Work – The Kick-Acid Slimdown
  4. Book Review: The Kick Acid Diet
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Alwyn Wong, will teach you how to prevent acidosis, improve your health and lose fat by balancing your pH levels with diet and fitness. Meat sources, grains, hard cheeses, and salted processed foods all are acid forming. Our only dietary line of defense in the onslaught of excess acidity is to balance out our systems by eating alkaline forming fruits and vegetables. Conveniently listed in a table form in the back of the book, The PRAL Scale allows us to predict the respective amount of acid or base in g of a particular food.

Negative values are alkaline; positive values are acidic. By following the plan described, each meal should have a 0 or negative score. This entry was posted on Wednesday, February 2nd, at pm and is filed under Uncategorized.

The Kick Acid Diet by Alwyn Wong | | Booktopia

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The Kick Acid Diet

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Life & Style – Diets That Work – The Kick-Acid Slimdown

October 28, at pm. October 29, at am. JEFF says:. October 29, at pm. CHAD says:. October 30, at am. KENNY says:. With all of the information about healthy eating out there, I find that it can be hard to keep track of exactly what I need to be eating. While it can be a bit difficult at times to grasp everything that Wong is saying, the main points are clear, and you can choose whether the diet and exercise plans can work for you I find them a bit confusing, and will thus take away the tidbits that I think can be effectively incorporated into my lifestyle.

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Book Review: The Kick Acid Diet

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